Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kyoto, day 2

On day 2, we visited Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto. To reach the villa, we decided to take a bus. From Kyoto Station, it's really easy. See...
Little digression: I haven't started to work on my Twelve by Twelve "Map" quilt yet, and the reveal date is almost looming... I chose my fabrics before leaving for Japan. But of course, I got several new ideas while in Kyoto. Now, I think I need to change some of my fabrics.
Anyway, here are two pictures of the Katsura Villa garden.

Some people say it's the most beautiful Japanese garden in the world. It is certainly one of the nicest I have ever seen, and the buildings are also very impressive.
After the visit, we took a Hankyu train to Arashiyama where we had lunch.

We spent the afternoon visiting Tenryu Temple and also walking in the bamboo forest. Then back to Kyoto by JR train.
It was a lovely day, cold but sunny.


nicolette at dutchcomfort said...

So much beauty! Luckily I have some beautiful pictures from Japan that my husband took during a business trip. I’m sure I will never get there to see it for myself.

Kristin L said...

Ooh, I think I see some train/subway map inspiration. :-)

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos with us! We lived in Japan for three years and we have great memories of our time spent there. Enjoy yourself!

Ali Honey said...

That garden looks beautiful.
Wishing you a very happy time there. Do you have photos of the bamboo forest?

sharon young said...

What an amazing place, so very different to our European countries, one of my GD's is obsessed with all things Japanese and would love to go there one day.
Thanks for sharing you experience with us.