Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Passion and colours

This is my new 12x12 quilt.
The theme chosen by Kirsten was "Passion". Having too many ideas about this burning theme, I did some brainstorming with pen and paper. The words that kept coming again and again were those associated with hot colours. After all, if I'm a quilter, it's mostly because I like to play with colours so much.
I decided to take lots of pictures of colourful flowers in my garden, and then started to dye fabrics trying to achieve the colours I liked most in these pictures.
I also printed one of the pictures on white cotton, and I included two small pieces of the picture in my quilt.
The left side of the quilt is a piece of bright orange fabric I liked a lot and I didn't want to cut up. The right side is the logical follow-up of a few scrap quilts I made these last months.
Here are some close-up pictures...

Be sure to check our 12x12 blog to see the passion quilts made by the other members of the group!


nicolette said...

I’m impressed by your version of passion! I’m passionate about colours, I can’t imagine being a quilter and not having a ‘thing’ for colours!

patstudio said...

Welcome back! I hope hope your month vacation was great. Love those fiery colors.

Kristin L said...

All that jumbled up heat could definitely get something started!

MargaretR said...

This is a lovely quilt as usual.
Good to have you back.

Gunnels blog said...

what a wonderful quilt! great colours and stitching!