Friday, January 25, 2008

A sunny day

Today is a bright and sunny day. At last! It's rather cold also, but I don't mind.
My chocolate 12x12 quilt is almost finished. Not sure I really like it, as usual. But I won't make another one. My sewing machine has to go to the doctor next week for a little checkup.
In the meantime, I need to finish my TiF January challenge. I've tried a few other surfaces for printing my landscape. Some worked well, some not so well... but I forgot to photograph them. Anyway, I'm going to concentrate on the organza landscape.


StegArt said...

love that sunny little face! There must be something going around, my sewing machine is going in next week too.

Kristin L said...

Your happy sun is shining here in germany too. It's so nice to see him -- in real life, and as a cheerful bit of stitching. :-)

Deb H said...

Cute little happy quilt

I am intriged by the images on organza. Sounds interesting.