Monday, December 11, 2006

Textile samples

Last week when I was looking for my handmade and decorated papers, I found these samples that I made many years ago for my OCA Textiles course.
The first one is a stitching exercise. I couched strips of fabric and embroidered them with chain stitch and french knots. Next, some weaving... I had completely forgotten about these... The first one is done with wool yarns and all kinds of strange materials, cotton rags, nylon mesh, raffia,...
The second one uses only knitting yarns.


Kim said...

I especially like the couched fabrics. Again, this reminds me of why I want to keep a visual journal of ideas and experiments.

sue b said...

Those couched samples are pretty cool and I really like that bottom woven sample. Is that big enough to turn into something? I'll bet it would look cool framed by black fabric.