Friday, August 07, 2015

A little more

A little glimpse at my first Desert quilt, two inspiration pictures (taken more than 30 years ago in North Africa), some sketching and painting, then the main fabric for the second Desert quilt and finally, another look at my weaving.
I'll post a picture of the quilt at the end of the month after the group meeting.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


A few pictures of my summer so far...
It's been rather hot again this week.

I managed to finish my new linen shirt. The striped fabric proved a little tiring to work with.

The first "Desert" quilt is done too, and I've got a plan for the second one.
I used some of these fabrics...
I also  did some weaving.
I wove different pieces with this white cotton warp. I plan to try and dye some of them.
The loom is now empty, and I'm thinking about what kind of warp I'd like to use for my next weaving. Maybe I should think "fall" colours and yarns already.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Japan - 6 -

A few pictures of Saiho-ji garden...

Pictures were forbidden inside the temple. Saiho-ji can only be visited with an advance reservation. After copying a sutra (with brush and ink) and reading it (or rather trying to read it), we were allowed to take a walk in the amazing moss garden.
It must be so cool over there now! Here, it's been hot and muggy. Record temperatures for this time of year... Next week should be a bit cooler, hopefully.
The pieces of my first "Desert" quilt are ready. But it's really too hot in my studio... If it's not better tomorrow, maybe I'll bring my machine downstairs. I'm also sewing myself a new linen shirt.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kabuki quilts

Here are my two Kabuki quilts...

They are both 60cm high. The theme of the challenge was "Opera". When I started working on this theme, I was actively prepared my trip to Japan. So naturally, I wanted to make quilts related to it, and I started researching on Kabuki.
After reading some books, I decided to focus on scenery and found out that stylized pine trees are often used in the background.
I remembered I had taken some great pictures of pine trees three years ago in Kyoto and I used some of them to design new thermal screens and print my Kabuki fabrics.
Here are two detail shots of the quilts...

The next theme will be "Desert".
I have started selecting the fabrics and researching my photographs folders.
I couldn't find anything really great in my digital pictures, so I went back to my good old paper photo albums and I found something...  Pictures taken about 35 years ago in the Sahara!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Japan - 5 -

On our way to Saiho-ji Temple, West of Kyoto.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Starting to quilt

Yesterday, I started to quilt my second Kabuki quilt, which is actually the first one I pieced, in February I think.
It will be named "Kabuki 1"

I had already quilted my other Kabuki quilt before going to Japan. I'll show both completed pieces on the blog later, after the next meeting of my artquilt group.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Japan - 4 -

Beautiful Uji, famous for its green tea, for the gorgeous Byodo-in Temple, and also for being the setting for the last ten chapters of the Tale of Genji.