Monday, October 07, 2019

A new art quilt, sketching, and Kanazawa

Here are a few pictures of beautiful Kanazawa, almost a year ago...
I finally decided to try and make a new art quilt. Here are two photos I took during the quilting process. The other pictures in the mosaic are from my sketchbooks, and also from a few days at the seaside.
And here's my new quilt almost quilted. Next, I must finish the edges, and also add some embellishments.
I dyed some of the fabric myself. For the largest piece of indigo fabric, I used an old sheet I found at my parents' house. There are even a few holes in it, and I'm very tempted to leave them like that. Or maybe, I could add some stitching to emphasize them.
I also used a few pieces of indigo fabric I bought in Kanazawa last year, at Ai Life Studio, and then a piece of antique Japanese fabric bought a long time ago in Kyoto, at Gallery Kei.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You do this kind of quilt so well!