Friday, March 10, 2017


I dyed a few pieces of fabric yesterday.
Some grey, and some black-blue-yellow. The paler greys could be skies.
I also threw in the dye-pot  a couple of small pieces on which I had played with sumi ink a long time ago. I suspect the fabric was not 100% cotton, because the dye didn't take as it should have.  I think I might cut them up and maybe embroider them. Or they might go on the ugly fabric pile! We'll see.
GD has been working again on her quilt, cutting fabric for flowers and a bird. I'm doing the fusing. Next session will be stitching.
The weather is much better today. Still a bit cool, but sunny.
I'm still drawing everyday, but that will be for another post.

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ViDerTextil said...

c'est vrai que les gris conviendraient très bien à notre ciel 3/4 du temps ...
curieuse de voir le quilt de ta Z ;-)