Sunday, February 26, 2017


It is still cold here. Not freezing anymore, but still too cold for me.
(Those icy pictures were taken at the end of January I think.)
I'm so ready for spring!
There are some little crocus and daffodil shoots in the garden, but not many yet.
In the meantime, I am still playing in my sketchbooks, drawing faces. Trying to simplify as much as possible.
I also started to print fabric for my new quilts. I made three new thermal screens and a couple of freezer paper stencils. I plan to experiment more with these next week.
Hopefully, I'll be able to dye some fabric too.

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ViDerTextil said...

quelques jours d'hiver, et puis déjà des jours plutôt printemps ... la nature nous joue des tours, mais ça permet de s'occuper à nos passions. j'aime la figure étonnée (?) tout à fait en bas à gauche :-)