Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 17

Day 17 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge... I did well for the first week, and then I completely fell behind.
Anyway, I thought I would share this funny leaf I spotted the other day. It looked like it was trying to run away from me!
I am still working on the Japanese fabric quilt, a little everyday.
Saint Nicholas visited one week late this year. He brought cookies, chocolate and a few board games for the granddaughters, and a also pretty little braiding star (from Prym) for me.

The weather has been strangely mild. 15°C today. It's really hard to realize that it's almost the end of the year.


ViDerTextil said...

tu as donc été bien sage cette année pour que le grand saint a mis quelques chose de ludique et gaie dans ta chaussure :-)

Judy said...

Lovely leaf! It would be hard to blog everyday, so I think that you'd done quite well. So I'm curious, what's a braiding star?
Happy sewing,