Saturday, July 04, 2015

Japan - 6 -

A few pictures of Saiho-ji garden...

Pictures were forbidden inside the temple. Saiho-ji can only be visited with an advance reservation. After copying a sutra (with brush and ink) and reading it (or rather trying to read it), we were allowed to take a walk in the amazing moss garden.
It must be so cool over there now! Here, it's been hot and muggy. Record temperatures for this time of year... Next week should be a bit cooler, hopefully.
The pieces of my first "Desert" quilt are ready. But it's really too hot in my studio... If it's not better tomorrow, maybe I'll bring my machine downstairs. I'm also sewing myself a new linen shirt.


ViDerTextil said...

ça semble rafrachissant, en effet .
le côté positif de cette canicule du moment ... le linge sèche en un temps record ! ;-)

dutchcomfort said...

All the pictures of Japan are so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Ali Honey said...

Lovely photos, especially the moss. What stops it growing into one big piece? Perhaps it is tended by gardeners to stay in little shapes?
Wishing you some cooler days.