Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some news

This mosaic is a little summary of the last two weeks.
Weaving, quilting, crocheting, and enjoying the beautiful weather. The yarn I'm using for my crochet project is Tahiti by Schachenmayr. When I saw it in the shop, I just couldn't resist.

Yesterday, I finished the blue scrap quilt.
Although I intend to keep the vertical orientation, I think it also looks good like this...
I'm also done, at last, with my cottolin warp.
I tried several twill weaves and paid special attention to the selvedges. It's not too bad, I think.
Next time, I'd like to try floating selvedges to see how it works.
I washed the fabric. I still have to iron it and then to decide how to use it.
Probably some little pouches and also a couple of book covers, which means I will not see my carefully wowen selvedges anymore!
My loom is empty. For the next weaving project, I want to use the variegated paper yarn I bought in Kyoto a few years ago.
I've also got one or two quilt ideas percolating, but there's no hurry.


Judy said...

Your quilt turned out quite nice! And to have your weaving done is such a great feeling with the anticipation of the next project. I like the yarn that you found and that you're crocheting with.

Ali Honey said...

I love your blue scrap quilt. Very pleasing abstract shapes there.
Best Wishes, from Ali.

sharon young said...

Your scrap quilt is beautiful, and I agree with you re the landscape orientation.
As for your woven piece, I'm totally wowed by it! I did a few samples at college but I found the warping up so tedious but loved the results, your colours are so perfectly balanced.

jenclair said...

Love the little blue scrap quilt, and the weaving...Wow!