Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back from Normandy

 I took a little break in Normandy. As you can see, the weather was just amazing. So, I spent lots of time walking on the beach, and also a little in the countryside. Normandy is green, very green. I love it.

I finished my two little scrap quilts.
This one has found a new home. I gave it to a friend who was visiting from China.

Now, I am quilting the large quilt. I took pictures yesterday, but I'm afraid I forgot to download them on my computer. It will be for the next post.


Julie said...

Your photographs are beautiful and how lovely to spend some time in Normandy. Your scrap quilt is lovely.

ViDerTextil said...

le beau ciel bleu de la normandie te donne de longues jambes ;-). belles photos