Friday, March 23, 2012

Sewing fever

Yes, I've been sewing. A lot.
But I'm currently working on several projects that are not supposed to be shown on the blog before they are exhibited. There are also a few surprise gifts in the making.

This one will hopefully be shown next autumn.
Lots of little scraps, some left over from the Twelve by Tweve Colorplay quilts. Of course, I had to dye some more blue and purple.
I also started working on the new Twelve by Twelve challenge, which is due on May 1st. The theme is "Maps".
I did a rough sketch of what I had in mind and I more or less chose my fabrics. They are now hanging on my design wall. I might start sewing next week.

And of course, the weather has been so nice for a few days that I can't resist posting a couple of garden shots.
Yes, spring has sprung, at last! It is still cold at night, but the days are getting longer and brighter.


jenclair said...

I love seeing the scraps and imagining the product. Can't wait to see how the design board for Maps progresses!

Spring here, too. Sudden and emphatic and very early!

natsumi said...

Love the colorful scraps!! Glad to hear Spring has arrived.... Happy Easter!

Judy said...

I like seeing the scraps, wondering what you're creating! I've been so busy gardening, I haven't had time to quilt lately, but I hope to get back to it soon.
Enjoy your week,