Monday, January 23, 2012

From dandelion to lotus

I took a few pictures before cutting up my dandelion quilt.
I made a very quick sketch inspired by lotus pictures taken in Japan in summer 2010. As you know, the lotus flower is an important symbol in Buddhism.
With this sketch, I just wanted to get a rough idea of the colour distribution on the new quilt. I'm even not completely sure yet of all the colours I will use, and I also want my design to get much more abstract than this.
But now, I know how to cut up the dandelion, and I'm going to do it as soon as I'm finished with this post.
Then I plan to build my piece rather freely on the design wall. I want to get away from my landscape quilts where I had to follow my sketches closely and measure almost every piece of fabric.
As a little recreation, I couldn't resist playing a few minutes on the computer with my source picture. I saved these two versions.
I don't plan to use them for this quilt but they might prove useful for another one.


Judy said...

Thanks for sharing your thought process as you develop a new idea for a quilt. I'd like to explore more mixed media quilt making and reading your posts helps!
Enjoy your week,

Gerrie said...

Ooooh! Françoise is having a metamorphosis, too!!

sharon young said...

Looking forward to seeing where you take this new direction, Françoise it's looking very exciting.

natsumi nishizumi said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiration and sketche..
I love lutos.. such beautiful flower...
I can't wait to see your quit...

Linda Stokes said...

This sounds like a very interesting project - will look forward to seeing your finished piece.
Thanks for your advice on my quilt.