Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quilting, and weaving

I'm ready to start working again on this almost forgotten rosebud quilt.
It has to be finished in about 6 weeks, as I entered it in a show. So now, I really need to get going. Actually I had already machine-quilted it following the seamlines.
I haven't done much in the studio lately, except cleaning up, and then sorting fabrics, threads and yarns, and magazines and pieces of paper, lots of stuff, too much stuff....
I also tested some cotton, linen and bamboo yarns on my little weaving loom.

Pretty basic weaving, and a bit wonky, I know. But very relaxing too. ;-)
I think I'm going to weave a little scarf, for me. I've already measured the warp yarns.
There will be lots of quilting and some weaving in the next weeks.


Gerrie said...

Keeping busy with fiber - I like it!!

vidertextil said...

un deadline pour le quilt et un autre pour l'écharpe, car il va commencer à faire frisquet le matin!!

nicolette said...

I hope the result of your cleaning up and sorting through fabrics will last longer than mine!

Love the sneak peeks and I hope you will enjoy all the quilting andf weaving!


I love working with my matter what I'm into it really is relaxing and oh so much fun!
It's nice to meet stop by and visit with me too sometime!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Linda Stokes said...

Pretty colours in your quilt - hope it's full speed ahead with all your textile projects.
Thanks for your comment & help.