Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost done

I'm done with machine quilting my 12x12. I've sewn the binding on. Now, I'm taking a little break and auditioning some spicy embroidery threads.
The baby quilt is almost ready to leave for Japan. I just have to add a small label to the back. The quilt is about 32 by 36 inches.
I've started hand quilting this table runner at my quilting group meeting the other day.
I think most of these fabrics come from Japan, but I remember I bought the border one in China 3 years ago.
Enough blogging for now. It's time to go outside and to see if my tiny baby rocket and lettuce are doing fine. :-)


jenclair said...

Great baby quilt and love the spicy embroidery threads!

Ali Honey said...

You have been making good progresssand the baby quilt is lovely.

dutchcomfort said...

The babyquilt is looking so sweet! Love the way you placed the blocks.

And those yummy spicy threads and quilted fabrics... when is the reveal date?

ViDerTextil said...

un peu de paprika, du kurkuma et des poivrons à toutes les sauces : pour sur que ce sera un beau petit patch.
Bon appétit avec ta salade o-)

Digitalgran said...

And you Francoise have been even busier than I have! Now I wonder where those lovely spicy threads came from? :) That baby quilt is lovely.