Thursday, May 13, 2010

New fabrics

I needed some turquoise fabric for a new quilt. And yellow and purple for the next Twelve by Twelve challenge.
Here's what I got yesterday after a few hours work...
I was not particularly pleased with the dark purple pieces... I found them too reddish. So, this morning, I tried again. And here are the new results, washed but still wet...
This is much more like what I first intended to get.
And talking of new fabrics, while in France last week, I stumbled across two or three nice fabric shops. Of course, I couldn't resist and came back with a few meters of cotton and linen. (I'm afraid I forgot to photograph the linen...)

These are mainly for sewing clothes.


Gerrie said...

It is so difficult to get a good purple with procion dyes. Good luck on the second attempt.

vidertextil said...

très belles couleurs dans tes nouveaux teints ! et dans les achetés ... est ce que je vois un petit dessin pour Zoë???