Friday, December 18, 2009


We knew it. It was going to snow. But still, it was again a nightmare on the roads yesterday. I was lucky to be back home before it got really serious.
And today, it looks like it's going to snow again. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas this year.
My old dog had fun in the garden this morning. But he gets tired so quickly now that I think I'll go for a walk all by myself this afternoon.


nicolette said...

Your dog looks so cute in his thick wintery coat! A walk through the snow is fun, but driving now is not fun at all. We had 10 cm more snow last night and it’s still snowing! The wind blows around the house... Winter!

artfilstitch said...

Wow, I'm shivering just looking at your pictures of snow. Your dog is so cute surrounded in the snow. It's so beautiful to look at and enjoy, but the driving would be a real task...
Hope you have a very White Merry Christmas!

Studio Sylvia said...

Gorgeous photos Francoise. First time to your blog, arriving via Doreen's.