Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More about Alsace

I've been working on my new 12x12 quilt, sketching, painting and cutting papers, and overdyeing fabric...
Anyway, I'm taking a small break now, and here is my little report on the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork... I didn't go last year, but I think the show this year was much much better than two years ago.
Among others... In Sainte Marie, we were spoiled with Sandra Meech and Christine Restall in the Eglise St Louis, then a very good exhibition from New Zealand in the Eglise de la Madeleine, Michael James and Judith James in the LAC, Francine Flattard and Tiziana Tateo in the Chapelle Saint Louis, and then, of course, the Espace des Tisserands which was very crowded as usual. There, my favourites were the show by the Hungarian guild and an exhibition of gorgious Miao costumes.
Pascale Goldenberg was in the same place with a nice display of Hazara prayer squares. She also had a few quilts made with the small embroidered squares from Laghmani.

This is the quilt I made with my little Afghan square and I didn't show you the other day...
(It was not exhibited in Alsace. It was hanging in Quevaucamps, Belgium, until today).
If you would like to buy Afghan squares, you can contact Pascale here: goldenberg-freiburg(at)t-online.de

Back to Alsace... There was plenty to see in the other villages of the valley too... Rita Berghuis, Lena Wik, the German group Tex21, and of course the quilts from this year competition. The theme was "Colours of a country". You had to choose a country and make a quilt using only the colours of its flag. The results were amazing!
Back to my 12x12 quilt now! Here are some of the fabrics I'm going to use...

I've overdyed the light blue one to make it brighter. It looks a bit darker and more turquoise now.


sharon young said...

Fabulous opportunity to see all these people in one area, thanks so much for the links, had a great time looking at them all.

Pat said...

wonderful post....enviable experience at the quilt show.