Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kyoto, day 3

The third morning in Kyoto was spent in the shops, hunting for a few souvenirs... near Shijo-dori, in Teramachi and Shinkyogoku... Too many great shops... Of course, I had to buy a furoshiki (I think I bought three of them, actually). Then we found a wonderful bookstore with a nice coffee shop. (Yes, I bought a few books...) We also walked through Nishiki market where we saw again the most interesting looking food. 
Afternoon, we headed North.
We had a very quick look at the Nishijin Textile Center, then we visited the much more fascinating Aizenkobo workshop.

Mr Utsuki kindly explained the natural indigo dyeing process he uses in his workshop,  talked about his wife who designs clothing, and showed us many gorgeous textile pieces...
... then he took us outside to meet his son who was busy dyeing threads. 


vidertextil said...

Comment as-tu pu résister à tant de beaux tissus ????? Je tiens blog à l'oeil pour découvrir la suite !

Kristin L said...

It all looks so fascinating -- especially the Aizenkobo workshop. What a great opportunity for you!

artfilstitch said...

I am enjoying your Japan trip posts so much...just like being there. The indigo dyeing process is very interesting...one can understand why they are so expensive. The fabric is beautiful and rich in colour.
Thanks for sharing.

sharon young said...

Fantastic clothes at the Aizenkobo workshop, lucky you to get an insider look.
Your quilt looks brilliant.
How's it going with the new camera, are you still pleased?

Helen Conway said...

Thats another place on my list! Can you remember where the bookshop was?