Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kyoto, day 1

Warning: More about my trip to Japan. No fiber content, except for some food picture at the end...
Now, for the most important part of our trip: visiting Kyoto again and meeting our old Japanese friends (they're not that old actually, but we've been friends for more than 25 years).
We took the Shinkansen in Tokyo station, and after a very easy, fast and smooth trip, we arrived at the amazing Kyoto station.
We checked in at the ryokan, and then we walked to Kyomizudera. This place is still as beautiful as I remembered from my last trip. I think I could go there everyday and never get tired of the atmosphere and scenery.
And it was much less crowded than last time.We had tea and some sweets in a lovely, and warm, tea shop, then walked down to Kamo river and Gion district, and back to Kyoto station neighbourhood where we had a wonderful shabu-shabu together...


sharon young said...

What a lovely post, Françoise, I love seeing your pics as it is such a different country and culture.
I was telling my DD about he fabrics you bought as I thought they'd be very suitable for her baby carriers, but she said they're about twice the price of the American quilting fabrics, which is a shame.
What a fantastically clean station.

linda stokes said...

Looks a lovely place. The food pics from Japan always look great too.