Sunday, February 01, 2009


This is my new 12x12 quilt. The theme Deborah gave us was "Chairs".
As usual, I had several ideas competing in my head, but the family dining table with its sturdy oak chairs was the stronger one.
One chair for each member of the family, plus one little chair for the soon-to-arrive grandchild. But then, the tiny chair looked so lonely that I decided it needed  some company... (wishful thinking?..)
Finally, instead of the dining table, I embroidered a house symbol, the same I used for my "Community" quilt.
The yellow strips vaguely evoke the shape of a chair too... a beach chair maybe (oh, this would be nice... it's snowing again here...).
All fabrics are home-dyed.
Next are two details of the quilt...

Between the holidays and the trip to Japan, it was not easy to concentrate on this quilt. I am surprised, when I leaf through my sketchbook, to find out that I filled many pages with ideas, words, drawings and doodles. I could certainly use these in later works. I really thank Deborah for picking such a rich theme.
Last but not least, don't forget to visit our 12x12 blog to see all the other quilts.


nicolette said...

I love your chairs quilt! And wishfull thinking... who knows how many little chairs will fill your house in the future!

Love the colours!

Doreen G said...

A wonderful quilt Francoise -you have captured the theme beautifully.

jenclair said...

I love this one, too. It is a great theme!

sharon young said...

Beautiful quilt, Françoise, I love the chairs, such an unusual theme, and the baby chairs are a lovely touch.

Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, we too had snow last night, 8" on our garden table.

Nicole said...

Very cool! I like the chairs!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Clever interpretation! Yes, the yellow strips definitely invoke the image of a chair.

Kim said...

Love the simplicity of the little embroidered chairs. Very nice.

Emmy said...

it is so beautiful lovey embroidery to