Friday, December 26, 2008

High fiber diet

Tonight, for a little change, I prepared Chinese food. 
Egg rolls (filled with bean sprouts, carrots and chicken), sweet and sour sauce, fried rice with shrimps (forgot to take a picture of the rice and sauce, and now it's all gone)
This sweater is almost finished... I have yet to do some more sewing up. (I like to knit, but I hate having to sew the knitted pieces together...)
And I'm still quilting the baby quilt. It's already all quilted in the ditch, but I decided it was asking for more. So I'm adding some straight lines in each block. A little bit every evening while watching TV (Am I really watching or just vaguely listening?...) 
I enjoy doing this quiet work while thinking about the next baby quilt, and also about my 12x12 "chair" quilt.


Gerrie said...

Yum - looks good. I can almost smell it. We usually have chinese food for New Year's

I love the baby quilt - so bright and cheery.

My snow is disappearing. Hope you are getting some.

Kristin L said...

We had "traditional Christmas" chinese food on Christmas eve. :-) Your egg rolls look yummy. The baby quilt is bright and cheery and yummy too!

sharon young said...

I'm with you, Françoise, when it comes to sewing up, I hate it, I'm just on that stage now with mine.
Lovely meal, made me feel really hungry :-)
Your baby quilt is coming on a treat, those colours are so bright and happy.

Karen said...

Wonderful quilt!