Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is my 12x12 water quilt. I took a picture of dew droplets some time ago in my garden. I liked it so much that I played a lot with it on my computer. For this quilt, the manipulated image was printed on banana paper. I then bonded the paper on homedyed blue green fabric. The background fabric is also homedyed. I added a few silvery beads, because they made me think of tiny droplets.
I've printed the picture and other versions of it on several different surfaces. But I didn't have time to work with them, because I was preparing my trip to China. Maybe I'll do it later.
Here's a detail of the quilt...

More pictures on the Twelve by Twelve blog. And of course all the other 12x12 quilts are there too!
And because my brain is still in Beijing, here are a few pictures of water I took there...


nicolette said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.
I love your Droplets very much. You’re such an inspiration!

artfilstitch said...

I love your water reflection photos
taken in China, so restful. Your Droplets are so real like...can hear their sounds dripping.. Thanks for sharing.

Joanna van said...

I've never heard of banana paper before. Very lovely creation!

sharon young said...

A very beautiful quilt, Françoise, the balance is perfect and I love your restrained addition of just a few well placed beads.
Your water reflection pics are lovely too, I can't quite see what is on the line in the last pic (amongst the brown reflections)