Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been working on my Twelve by Twelve quilt. Our new theme is "water". I printed my manipulated picture on different materials. The first one is white cotton fabric. The next one is organza. (There's a green fabric under it for the photo.)
Next, I've printed another version of the image on cotton fabric and on banana paper.
And now, I just have to make a quilt or two with these... Mmm... a few more sleepless nights.


sharon young said...

These look very exciting, Françoise, I particularly like the colours and textures of the banana paper (bottom left?) print.Did you print it straight or pre-coat it?

nicolette said...

Wonderful to see the process. Love the first image and the ones below on the cotton. Can’t wait to see how you translate the wonderful image into a quilt.

artfilstitch said...

A very interesting process. The droplets look very life like. Will be waiting to see were the droplets go. Great job!

Purple Missus said...

What a difficult choice you have Francoise as all these prints look wonderful. To my mind the organza one has a lot of possibilities to portray water.

neki desu said...

Wonderful prints.Organza is such a great material to work with.

neki desu