Friday, November 03, 2006


I've just finished my painted fabric postcards. I had to use the flash, so I'm not very happy with the photos... but I'm quite happy with the cards!
The first three cards are embroidered by hand, using cotton, rayon and metallic threads.

I made two more cards which I machine embroidered. But the pictures are really too bad to be posted, (too much metallic thread for the flash!). Maybe, I'll try to photograph them again tomorrow.


StegArt said...

These turned out beautifully. I think my favorite is the top one.

sue b said...

These are lovely Francoise and I'll bet they're stunning in person with the metallic threads in them. Love the color palettes in these too - all my favorites!

Anonymous said...

They are very pretty.
I like lots of metallic, & it is hard to show how nice it looks on camera. Sometimes I cover the flash, or deflect & diffuse it with a piece of paper in front of it, & that helps. Or you could always wait until daylight, & go outside to shoot without flash.

Anyway, the postquards are great!