Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More about the paints

I got many comments and questions while I was sleeping! So, I 'm going to answer here...
The Trapsuutjies fabric paints come from South Africa. I don't know how they are called there, or if they are commercialized in the States. You can certainely contact the lady from Trapsuutjies by email. She speaks a very good English.
I didn't know about these fabric paints before reading
Annette's blog a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure to meet Annette last Thursday in Waalre.
The paints are really nice and easy to use. And they don't make the fabric stiff. (No affiliation here!)
I had so much fun that I played a little more yesterday night after supper...

I cannot wait to cut up all these yummy pieces to make my postcards for the fabric painting swap.


AnneJeu said...

Hi Francoise,
I find your blog! It is a pleasure to read it...Have fun with the painting!

Joanna van said...

Francoise, your fabric looks like paintings! Lovely colors...I am waiting in anticipation to see what you come up with.


Lutgard said...

Hi, I bought those paints a year ago, and never used them, looks easy. Did you fix them in the oven or with an iron ?
groetjes, Lutgard

Françoise said...

Hi Lutgard,
I fixed them in the oven, at 130°C.
That's pretty easy.

DubiQuilts said...

I like your new painted fabrics. How did you do the last one?