Friday, October 20, 2006

Another trip to Holland

Yesterday, I was in Waalre for the European Quilt Championships. I must say I was a bit disappointed by the average quality of the quilts. But of course, there were some very nice pieces. The winners are here.
I met Annette and Hella at the Trapsuutjies booth. I asked for a quick demo, and I coudn't resist buying some of these wonderful fabric paints.
And because any post needs a few pictures, this is some fabric I coloured with Pebeo and Golden paints a few days ago.

I plan to use this fabric in postcards.


StegArt said...

Nice painted fabric. Thanks for sharing the links about the quilt show. Looking forward to seeing some painted fabric with your new paints.

sue b said...

Love the colors in this painted fabric, it'll make beautiful cards.

Pat said...

I just visited all of your October posts after a little hiatus in blogging. And realized how much I missed your work! So inspiring. I love your photo and enjoy meeting you face-to-face so to speak. The Holland pics are great and the garden post is a joy. What type of camera do you use? Pat

Joanna van said...

Great colors...can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kim said...

Your fabric is striking! I love the rich colors.