Monday, August 21, 2006

Silk Fusion

Here are my first two silk fusion postcards. In the first one, I embellished the fused silk fibers with chainstitch. The background cotton fabric is hand dyed.
In the next one, I cut my fused fibers into small pieces that I machine stitched. The background is a fabric I dyed with onion skins.
Yesterday, I made a few more small sheets of fused silk fibers. I have three more cards to do for this swap.


sue b said...

These are terrific! Nicely done.

jackie said...

Thank you for your comment. Its nice to see some handstitching, chain stitch and herringbone, and fascinating to see the French name for a stich.

Joanna said...

Beautiful, as always, Francoise!


Karoda said...

I've taken my silk fusion supplies to the studio and if I stay on task with my goals and get the quilts complete, making the silk fusion will be my the stuff! I really like the first card.