Monday, May 15, 2006

My year in kanji

This is one of my current projects. I want to do a small quilt (15cm x 15cm) for each month of the year.
January Kanji was "woman", because it's my birthday month. February was "heart", because of Valentine's day... I don't celebrate it... It's so commercial!
And March was "winter"... Everyone in Europe knows why... Winter was much too long this year.
April will be "rain"... but I am late, very late!
I try to use different ways of writing the kanji on fabric. Up to now, I have used a black felt pen, a blue Markal paintstick and a red crayon. Next, I plan to use fabric paint, appliqué, embroidery,... Any suggestion?


Helen Suzanne said...

this is a great project! how about "cut out with fabric behind" and "shadow quilting" (dunno if they are the right names for the techniques)

Pat said...

Wonderful. What technique do you use for the character cutouts? I love the simple beauty. Elegant quilts. Fabulous project.