Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making faces

This is my new quilt. Its name is "Making faces".
It is the result of a challenge given by Marie-Paule.
We had to use the fabrics she gave us, and to alter at least one of them by any surface design method. We could add some of our own fabrics. There were guidelines regarding the size of the quilt.
And, last but not least, our face was to be seen somewhere on the quilt...
There was a black fabric with large polka dots. I painted the circles in turquoise blue, and wrote a kanji in each of them. The kanji means "face". I added the black fabric for the background. The little patches of yellow and orange come from fabrics I have dyed.
For my face, I used inkjet photo transfer paper.
The most stressful part was to find a picture of me and to put it on the quilt.. I don't really like to be photographed!

Voici mon nouveau quilt, le résultat d'un challenge donné par Marie-Paule. Il fallait utiliser les tissus qu'elle nous avait donnés, et en altérer au moins un. Il y avait des consignes pour les dimensions, et enfin notre visage devait se voir sur le quilt. Le plus dur a été de trouver une photo de moi, et surtout de la mettre sur le quilt... Je n'aime pas vraiment être photographiée!


neki desu said...

Hi Francoise,
Interesting, i'm working on a series using kana.I´m studying Japanese and presently struggling with kanjies.
Your piece is very interesting


Lutgard said...

hello francoise,

I remember doing that challenge too last year, but where are the 'greenish' fabrics who were in the package ?

gr. Lutgard

Françoise said...

Hi Lutgard,
They're in the little squares, and in the vertical lines. M.P. said "use a part of each fabric". That's what I did... Thanks for checking!