Friday, May 12, 2006


This is a postcard I did for a swap. The only requirement was to use metal foil.
This morning, we installed the sumi-e exhibit. (I'll try to take pictures tomorrow.) Afternoon, it was our last class of the year. Then, of course, we had a little drink to celebrate all this... The teacher was very happy and voluble!

Yesterday, I took a field trip with two friends to visit the museum of ribbon weaving in Comines, very close to the French border (about 300 meters from it). I thought I was going to see a few looms and some nice little ribbons, but it was much more interesting than that. We saw quite an impressive number of old machines still working, and many different kinds of them. One of them can weave twenty ribbons at the same time. There were several Jacquard looms. We saw how elastic ribbons, zippers, and also circular ribbons (used for shoelaces, sailing ropes, sportswear...) are manufactured. I hadn't realized ribbons were so omnipresent in our daily life. Just imagine what our undies would be like without ribbons!...

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neki desu said...

WoW! grat jacquard link! will be on my list of priorities when i cross the border. Thanks.

neki desu