Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kyoto - Japan

Kinkaku-ji Temple, the temple of the golden pavilion.
One of the gardens of Zuiho-in, a zen monastery. This was twelve years ago...
And I was already trying to learn Japanese...
I told you I can be stubborn... or maybe am I just very slow... or both?

Kinkaku-ji, le temple du pavillon doré.Un des jardins de Zuiho-in, un monastère zen. Il y a douze ans!.. Et j'essayais déjà d'apprendre le japonais. Je vous ai dit que je pouvais être têtue... ou peut-être suis-je très lente... ou alors les deux?


Karin said...

How long have you been to Japan? I lived in Yokohama for almost 2 years and it was a very interesting time.
Kinkaku-ji is soooo beautiful, isn´t it? I´ve been to Kyoto only once, but would love to see it again one day.
We stayed in Japan from 92 to 94. So it seems we almost met *grin*
It is great to see all the japanese things you do. The small monthly quilts look wonderful.
Are you planning to go there again?

neki desu said...

Gosh! I was in japan in 93 so we all probably bumped into each other! Yes we were those gaijins we saw.
your kanji quilts are great.

neki desu