Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A new adventure

Spring is here at last... I thought I'd start my new blog with some flowers and colours.

I've been reading blogs for several weeks now. And I've also been wanting to start one.
But I can be such a big procrastinator sometimes...
So, today, I finally did it!


Lutgard said...

Hallo Francoise,

Looks good, and a pretty quilt too,
another blog to add to my favorietes.


Brenda said...

Chere Francoise - welcome to blogland! and your quilt looks wonderful.

Christiane M said...

Bonjour Françoise,
Quelle joie de te revoir et tes super créations... Mais pourquoi donc chauffes tu un produit toxique? N'y a t-il pas une alternative? En effet, on ne vit (dangereusement) qu'une fois... Bisou et à plus
Christiane de Jumet