Saturday, March 29, 2014

A small quilt and more prints

Here's the small quilt that I made using four of my tree prints.
Last week, I did a demo about gelli printing at my guild meeting. I really enjoyed it and made of course lots of new prints while demonstrating. When I came back home, I had to put all the prints on my studio floor to let them dry. Here are some of them, waiting to be ironed.
I've been thinking a lot about Kyoto and its beautiful cherry blossoms these days.
I spent some time practicing my hiragana,
trying to write さくらのき (sakura no ki), which means cherry tree, as nicely as possible.
I burnt a few thermal screens from the best ones and started printing on fabric.
I'm working on a larger quilt using more gelli prints as the starting point. I'm almost finished with the top. I'm thinking of entering it in a show, so I'm not sure I can show it here yet.
It looks like the weather will be gorgeous this weekend. It's good news because the garden is in great need of attention after this very wet winter.


ViDerTextil said...

bien de jolies écritures et imprimés ... et profites bien du jardin!

sharon young said...

Your tree print quilts are so beautiful, Francoise
I love the delicate colours against the strong shapes of the trees.
Love all those prints from the demonstration they'd make a lovely random patchwork quilt.
Your Japanese script is looking very good it's obviously a lot harder that it looks