Monday, October 15, 2012

Some news from the studio

I'm doing fine.
Just a little bit immersed in all this... :-)
Now that I know my hiragana, everything seems much easier. No kidding!

In other news, I got myself this beautiful and very early Christmas present...
It's a Louet loom, a David. It's a new one and it arrived dismantled in a big box. But I must say it was quite straightforward to assemble, and in just a few hours, it was operational.
I first warped it with these colourful cotton yarns.
Here are the threaded heddles. I used only 4 shafts.
And here's my first sample.
I tried plain weave and some twill patterns to see how the tie-up and treadling are working.
I am really pleased with how easy to use this loom is, even for a neophyte like me. I've now ordered some thinner wool yarns and while waiting for them to arrive, I'm weaving a simple scarf with leftover sock yarn. Not the best choice I know, but it's all I had at hand.

On the quilting front, I'm working at getting a few pieces ready for an local exhibition, mainly adding labels and hanging sleeves.

またね。  See you.


ViDerTextil said...

j'aime déja beaucoup ton premier essai de tissage ! l'effet avec la laine à chaussette est très plaisant aussi. nul ne doute que de petites merveilles vont tomber de ce beau métier à tisser.

Brenda said...

Françoise, your weaving s beautiful!

Gerrie said...

That is gorgeous. As a former weaver, I know what is involved in creating something so beautiful.

Julie said...

A very busy time for you Françoise and your weaving looks very expert.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow, that's impressive. You make it look so easy!

sharon young said...

What a fabulous Christmas present :-) your weaving looks superb and very complicated to a non weaver, I tried it at college and found it very difficult.

Kristin L said...

I'm quite impressed with your weaving experiments. I look forward to seeing what you create when you really get warmed up!

jenclair said...

What a wonderful early Christmas gift! Your work is already beautiful, Francois. You are going to have so much fun!

Linda Stokes said...

Wow! your weaving looks beautiful
& I'm impressed that you can write in Japanese characters - are you planning another trip?

Judy & Marshall said...

Congratulations on your awesome new loom!! Wonderful weaving and I like to weave with sock yarn. It actually makes great scarves and it comes in so many fun patterns/colors.
I thought I would learn some Japanese while living on Okinawa, but I ended up with good morning, good afternoon, and thank you very much ;-) Language is not my forte, haha. Best wishes on your language journey.

Nat Palaskas said...

Wow your weaving is beautiful. My look is also Louet, but it's older than yours. I'm going back for more lesson. You read hiragana! Well done - Hugs Nat

Norwegianstitch said...


Great work! So inspiring to see other peoples work :) Thank you for sharing!

Regards Linda