Sunday, March 13, 2011


Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts.

We are very sad and we don't really know yet what is the best way to help.
There are some links about how to donate online here, here and here.

We've had news from almost all our friends and, fortunately, they are safe. I also heard, from Jan, that Keiko Goke who lives in the affected area is safe too.


nicolette said...

I was just thinking of you, as you love your Japan and for sure made friends there. It’s so sad to watch all that’s happening. I can’t even start to imagine the devastation. I’ll keep te people of Japan in my thoughts. Take care!

Gerrie said...

Such devastation and sadness. I am sorry our trip was canceled, but I am most sad for the people of Japan.

jenclair said...

Thanks for the links, Francoise. I'm checking them out now.