Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fabric, quilts and tomatoes

I've been busy with all kinds of administrative and boring stuff for too many days, but today I managed to squeeze in a little dyeing session.
I need some fabric for my new 12x12 quilt, and also for another project.
I have not been completely unproductive. Here are three quilts in progress, the first one is almost finished, the second one is waiting to be quilted, and the third one has to be sandwiched and basted.

Here's a detail of the first little quilt. I want to add some hand embroidery before sewing the binding.
And, I'm wondering...  are we going to have some baby tomatoes finally? What do you think?


Pat said...

As always, I enjoy keeping up with your fabric work. Your style is so fresh and crisp and clean.

For tomatoes, I think I see little baby buds.......

Kristin L said...

Your little quilts have a lovely energy to them. I think there's a little tomato dance in them too with your tomato-red fabric. :-)

nicolette said...

There will be tomatoes!!

Your quilts are amazing and I love the colours! It looks like a triptych?

Terri Stegmiller said...

Your quilts are wonderful. Love the design and colors. I haven't even given any thought to my next 12x12 quilt. Sigh!

MargaretR said...

Lovely quilts! And yes you will have tomoatoes on that plant. I can smell the plant from here :)