Monday, November 03, 2008

Ready to quilt

Yesterday night, I did the back-breaking part of the job: basting the three layers of the quilt together. Now I am ready for a few relaxing evenings in front of the telly. 
My dog was not really interested in helping me. There was a time when he woud have tried to lie on the quilt just for fun.


nicolette said...

Sweet quilt and very sweet and lazy dog!
I love making quilt-tops and backings, but the basting is not my favourite part!

sharon young said...

This is looking so gorgeous, Françoise, I just love all those wonderful sunny colours.
My poor old dog is the same now, he's full of life and energy like a 2 year old in the morning , but by the evening he's become an old man again.

Lory said...

Very beautiful quilt, I love quilts. :):):):) Your dog is adorable.


Shirley Goodwin said...

It looks lovely, Francoise, well done!

linda stokes said...

Fabulous quilt, love the colours!