Friday, June 09, 2006

Leaves and poppies

Last week, I paid a visit to Marie-Paule. She makes the most wonderful quilts. I like this one very much:
Yes, I know... leaf prints again... But aren't these great?.. On my way home, I visited a lovely patchwork exhibition. (No good pictures, sorry.) And I had to stop and photograph these beautiful poppies... It looks like summer is back.

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Pat said...

Beautiful quilt!

Wonderful poppies.

Here in New England, in my little garden, poppy buds are getting fat and round; soon we will be blessed with luscious red blooms.

In response to your comment about May Sarton. Her father was a Belgium native, an intellectual who wrote in several languages including Arabic. Her mother was English and was an artist and a designer.

One of May's non-fiction books is called, "A World of Light" and it contains prose portraits of both parents as well as European friends of the Sarton family and of May.

Here is a brief quote:
"How peaceful, then, the house in Wondelgem must have seemed, where she and George settled into their married life. At last she would have a home of her own, a garden, a chance to put down roots, a chance to breathe. It was all created in a fervor of happiness ....."

And here, another:
"Wondelgem.....the word is full of radiance for me, because of the tone in my mother's voice whenever she spoke its name ...... My parents had four marvelous years there before the world upheaval of 1914 sent us, as it did so many others, outin to exile."

I hope you are able to find her books, especially this one and the one novel that is centered in Belgium in the period between the two world wars.